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Enjoy water based pulmonary delivery for portable fast effects and shorter durations. Find your mood, inhale, and just be…

Our dilutions are not tinctures. We formulate our patent pending full spectrum botanical extract into original standardized formulations in ratios we pioneered. We use only organic avocado oil, precisely matched for bioavailability in Humans, and salmon oil for Animals. Dilutions are a precise and thoughtful delivery system, from us to you--for 15 years.

For ease of use! Capsules are portable, pre-measured dilutions for on the go!

Topicals provide a spot on effect and no mood alteration. No mind games!

These products are made to our same human food grade organic standards for our friends with four paws.

Constance Finley – Founder Of Constance Therapeutics

Who We Are

Modern Cannabinboids. Modern Science. Full-spectrum extracts made to the highest standards to address specific goals knowledgeably.

Our founder, Constance Finley, pioneered modern medicinal cannabis in 2008. Our polymorphic approach has been lauded globally as superior to other cannibinoid products development approaches. Our patent pending extraction method was researched in Israel and shown to be the most efficacious in certain applications.

We deliver the most thoughtful products in the space using the cleanest formulas possible with nothing except evidence-based ingredients.


Years Leading the Global Conversation from California

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Patented Vaporizer Formulations

Constance Therapeutics’ cartridges pair with Jupiter Research’s battery-charged “Liquid 9” vaporizer pen.

Patented Vaporizer Formulations

THC Rich Products

COMING SOON! We now work with licensed California manufacturers to bring you more of the highest quality and safest THC-rich cannabinoid extracts, using internationally-patented and patent-pending products and processes. Only available at DCC-licensed retailers in California.

THC Rich Products

CBD Rich Only

CBD Rich products are made with
USDA Certified Organic Farm Bill
Compliant US-grown Hemp containing
no more than 0.3% THC, and can be
shipped to any state and many countries.

CBD Rich products

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Constance Therapeutics provides original products and guidance for everyone.

Stacks Tailored to Lifestyle Goals

Ratios and delivery methods combined from experience and innovation.


Is cannabis for you? Daytime - Nighttime - Anytime? Our approach to cannabis use with our multiple delivery systems.

Individualized Approach

Using standardized products precisely for specific periods of time.


We aim to educate you on your journey and to continue to lead the space through research and education. Check back often and follow us on social as we cover basic and new topics about using cannabinoids for optimal experiences

Lecturing / Speaking

Extending our influence for thoughtful change.

Business-to-Business Services

Extending our practices to the industry.


Extending our evidence-based knowledge as laws allow us to work with the public to do so. Please check back for opportunities to participate in all aspects of our research.

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