Asking questions has led to so many great things in my life, including this company.

When I began to question the harmful medications that I was using to fight my autoimmune disease, I thought “there has got to be another way.” I asked my doctors questions about the prescriptions I was taking and possible alternatives. I thoroughly researched medicinal cannabis and asked questions of my professors at Oaksterdam University. To this day, I’m still constantly asking questions of friends and colleagues and continuing to expand my knowledge and understanding of this incredible plant. What I’m saying is, I love questions. I believe they are a powerful tool for both learning and understanding. Today, I find myself in a position where I am no longer just asking the questions, but am now the one answering many of them. To me, providing you with the answers you need is a very serious task. We desperately need higher quality research and a better understanding of medicinal cannabis by society if we are ever going to see legislative change. That is why I am dedicated to changing the negative perception many people have about cannabis through education, science and facts.

Below you will find the answers to several questions about Constance Therapeutics products and medicinal cannabis in general that I am frequently asked via social media or in-person. I will update this blog post as I receive questions so this can be an on-going conversation and an educational resource that our cannabis community desperately needs.


  • I don’t want to feel high from these products. Do Constance Therapeutics’ oils make you feel like that?

Our products include both CBD and THC. Historically, our patient-members have reported a more relaxed body-high rather than the traditional mental high that cannabis has come to be associated with, but each person reacts differently to cannabis oil for a variety of reasons and there is no way to be certain that you will not experience a high feeling when taking an oil that contains a high level of THC. That being said, we do offer CBD-rich oils that have a very low percentage of THC if this is a major concern for you. However, depending on the condition that you are hoping to alleviate, a more THC-rich oil might make the most sense for you. If your condition does warrant a higher percentage of THC then we recommend taking the oil in the late evening so that you are sleeping through most of the potential side effects and getting a deeper night’s sleep at the same time. Finally, our patient member services team is here to help you find the right oil ratio for you and your condition, and we are always available to discuss changing the oil ratio if need be.

  • Do your products help relieve pain?

Yes, many of our patient-members report experiencing relief from their chronic pain. This aligns with the finding from a study conducted by the Pain Relief Unit, in Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, which found that cannabis has a profound effect on lessening pain, both injury-related and chronic. In many cases we’ve seen, medicinal cannabis has acted as a substitute for prescription opioids and has greatly reduced pain-killer dependency. In fact, we are about to embark on our own study to explore the efficacy of cannabis oil in treating chronic pain in former NFL players so stay tuned for more information on that front. Finally, The New York Times recently reported on the rates of opioid-related deaths had decreased on an average of 25% since the legalization of cannabis in 25 states.

  • What are the side effects from CBD oil?

All of our oils contain a combination of CBD and THC and, as with any powerful medicine, some side effects can be expected. If the oil you are taking has significant amounts of THC, you may experience some slight dizziness or nausea when first using the product, but it is likely that you will quickly become acclimated over the course of a few days or weeks, depending on the dose. We suggest eating a small amount of fat with the cannabis products and drinking ginger tea if you experience any stomach discomfort. Anxiety is also something that is fairly common for newer medicinal cannabis users. To lessen the effects of anxiety, we suggest using oils in a place and with people that you are most comfortable with. In fact, if the oil you are ingesting is CBD rich, it may greatly help with anxiety according to our collective members’ experience.  CBD itself is highly focusing and anti-depressive so patient members often report a calm sense of well-being and the feeling of “having a nice day”.  Side effects from the CBD rich oils with less than 3% THC are reported only with cannabis novice users, in our experience. If you’re a novice cannabis user with questions or concerns, I’ve provided several tips for getting started, here.

  • How can I get Constance’s products if I live outside of California?

We do work with patient members who live outside of California; however, current legislation requires all patient members to have a California cannabis card in order to purchase our products. If you are looking to acquire a cannabis card, we suggest visiting HelloMD for more information. The law also requires that all patient members in possession of Constance Therapeutics products remain in California and not cross state lines. We understand this is a huge inconvenience and it pains us to have to deny someone product because of their geographical location. We hope that there is a change in legalization very soon that will make medicinal cannabis available to everyone in need, regardless of where they live.

If you found this post helpful, you’re in luck! We will continue to provide answers for your medicinal cannabis questions in this reoccurring series, so please stay tuned for more. A great place to stay up-to-date is also through our twitter @CACannabisOil. If you would like to personally ask me a question, please tweet to me at @ConstanceCAOils or contact us.


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