Building A Case For Treating Cannabis Like Medicine


Today Constance Therapeutics announced my involvement in the development of its study, in partnership with Gridiron Cannabis Foundation (GCF), to explore cannabis and its benefits for pain management.

This is research that I am proud to be a part of. I consider myself an avid traveler, and my interest in medicinal cannabis was sparked by a trip to Thailand to study traditional Thai medicine during my university years. This experience inspired the focus of my Ph.D. – the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant and the practical obstacles that stand between it and its development into a modern medicine – as well as the direction of my career.

I cannot underscore enough how important establishing standards and scientific verification processes are in treating medicinal cannabis as medicine. Standardization and testing are elemental in establishing proper quality control, helping to ensure that these treatments are safe and have a predictable effect on their many users. Also, there is considerable misunderstanding about cannabis among the general public, as well as within the industry itself, and educating others about its medicinal use is a high priority for me.


These are perspectives that Constance Therapeutics shares as well. Constance Finley, the founder and CEO of the company, understands the importance of standardization and quality control, as has become clear during our many interactions during conferences and courses. After all, her first-hand experiences with medicinal cannabis as a treatment for her own autoimmune disease influenced her to create her company and are reflected in its values.

The Constance Therapeutics/GCF study will explore the benefits whole-plant cannabis oils may offer athletes suffering from chronic pain due to sports-related injuries. The study aims to drive a new era of care in the United States for athletes, and any patient that may benefit from cannabis, in which whole-plant cannabis oils are utilized as part of an integrative or alternative treatment option to traditional pharmaceutical medications. It will build on previous research that has explored the impact that “The Entourage Effect” has on the effectiveness of treatment – a theory suggesting that multiple components of the cannabis plant act in sync to reduce an ailment more than any isolated component could by itself. The ultimate goal will be to demonstrate how whole-plant medicinal cannabis oils may help with pain management for athletes; findings that can extend to the general population as well, should our study prove successful.

I will offer my expertise to the coordination of this research, including finalizing the parameters of the study. I look forward to assisting with this study and, through this work, helping to educate and provide additional treatment options to those in need.

– Arno Hazekamp


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