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When it comes to women’s health, self care is the latest trending topic. While the idea of self care is not new, what is noteworthy is that women are finally giving themselves permission to slow down, take a break and prioritize their own well-being – whether dedicating just a few minutes, hours or even days to practicing self care.

What does self care mean to you? Perhaps it’s lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine and taking a relaxing bath. Or maybe your version of self care involves a solitary hike that focuses more on nature than burning calories. What about cannabis? Does it play a role in how you care for yourself?

Cannabis has long experienced a negative stigma that Constance Therapeutics founder Constance Finley is trying to combat. “Fortunately, we’re seeing a shift,” she explains. “With more open minds, we are turning attention to creative uses for the healing potential of plants, with things swinging toward a natural integration where cannabis will be seen as part of traditional health care, or perhaps as an extension of wellness, with prescriptions written out by your doctor and the ability to fill these at a pharmacy, as people now do in Germany. And for those wanting a more whole plant approach that’s also standardized and pure, we envision access from a local wellness or supplement store, or even at a pharmacy like CVS where you could purchase a topical CBD product over-the-counter.

“There’s an inherent natural fit for women and cannabis, dating back to when men typically fulfilled the hunting role and women usually were responsible for growing and gathering plants and herbs. Even the more subtle way cannabis works on the endocannabinoid system is a good fit for females and what they gravitate toward when it comes to treatment,” Finley adds. “Cannabis is perhaps the most broadly useful plant that exists on our Earth, so a big part of my mission and our company’s philosophy is getting people to change how they view cannabis and see its potential as a health and wellness tool.”

If you’re looking to incorporate cannabis into your self care routine, first find your sweet spot with CBD, which doesn’t have any euphoric or disorienting effects. CBD clinically exhibits anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties through serotonin enhancement and mood enhancement effects – offering users a heightened state of pleasure and focus. In particular, the ability to strongly focus can be especially helpful during the daytime, with none of the psychoactivity (induced by THC, not CBD) that new users might worry about. Finley suggests using a vape pen or ingesting extracts rather than taking edibles, because it’s more challenging to control when you’ll feel the benefits of cannabis, or for how long you’ll experience them, with edibles.

“It’s also very important to look for purity and a standardized product,” adds Finley. “Many of the side effects people associate with cannabis are actually coming from toxins from the growing or extracting processes, and choosing a high-quality product will help ensure you don’t confuse byproduct and its effects with the true effects of the cannabis.”

Finley recommends adopting a time to use cannabis consciously. Spend time with your children, take a walk with your dog, touch your significant other, relax with your favorite meal – utilize cannabis as a way to enhance experiences, not escape them.


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