The Cwcbe: The Medicinal Cannabis Industry Grows Up


September began with my team and I traveling to the sunny end of our beautiful state to speak, exhibit and attend the Los Angeles Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCBE).

I have been to many events centered on the cannabis industry over the past several years, but this event blew me away with its professionalism and interest in truly understanding the science behind cannabis.

This was evident in both the advanced programming and the high caliber attendees, including attorneys, scientists and investors. I’ve never seen so many suits at a cannabis event! It felt like a normal industry event—a rare occurrence for the cannabis industry to date. Constance Therapeutics is dedicated to changing the perception of medicinal cannabis by producing science-based and standardized whole plant cannabis oils that fill the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and commonplace cannabis products.

We quickly learned at the CWCBE that we are not alone in advocating for higher standards in the industry, which was an exciting discovery for us! We were thoroughly impressed with the level of seriousness that the vendors, attendees and speakers expressed when discussing needs for standardization and valid research. We were both honored and pleasantly surprised to be complimented a number of times for our work to help bring attention to this issue and drive change throughout the industry.

The CWCBE offered a wide selection of discussion topics, including experts from almost every part of the cannabis industry that gave insightful presentations on a number of important issues including cultivation, legalization and technology innovation. This variety in topics provided us with a better understanding on several industry trends. It also allowed attendees to truly get a well-rounded look into the numerous qualities of this amazing plant and the industry that continues to mature around it with each passing year.

We were both honored and pleasantly surprised to be complimented a number of times for our work to help bring attention to this issue and drive change throughout the industry.

I was one of the few lucky enough to speak at the event and was a member of the “Endocannabinoid System & Cannabinoid Therapeutics” panel. My fellow panelists included Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, Dr. Zacariah Hildenbrand and moderator, Heather Manus, RN, all of whom are leaders in their respective fields. Together we engaged in a refreshing conversation on the research being conducted with cannabis, more specifically with CBD and THC. We also discussed how these studies and their findings have impacted our work, our products and healthcare in general. Our audience was fantastic and posed several thoughtful questions that helped elevate the dialogue that much more.

The CWCBE proved that the medicinal cannabis industry has made leaps and bounds in the right direction since Constance Therapeutics began nearly a decade ago. Vendors, speakers and attendees alike upheld a remarkable level of professionalism that gave me hope for the future of research and development within our field and renewed my hope that we can change the general public’s perception, acceptance and understanding of cannabis. We were honored to be a part of an event that did not perpetuate a negative stigma and provided accurate information to all. Together we can change the conversation about cannabis and make a difference for those pursuing additional and potentially safer healthcare options.

What about you? Did you attend the CWCBE? What did you think? Tweet me your point of view at @ConstanceCAOils.

– Constance Finley


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