The Next Generation Of Medicinal Cannabis


For a decade plus, Constance Finley has witnessed and experienced the incredible evolution of the medicinal cannabis industry firsthand as both a producer and patient.

When “medical marijuana” was first legalized, it was predominantly used for symptom management of conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite and pain relief. But it also came with a now century-old stigma. “Medical marijuana” was, and often still is, accompanied by “wink, wink, nudge, nudge.” However, research has proven and continues to provide that medicinal cannabis doesn’t deserve quotation marks – it’s very real and provides very real relief. We are challenging the industry as a whole to move beyond “medical marijuana” and into a new era of medicinal cannabis, in which whole plant cannabis oils are integrated into traditional healthcare to provide physicians and their patients with expanded treatment options where only pharmaceutical drugs may have previously been prescribed.

This is our call to action for all members of the medicinal cannabis community – producers, physicians and patients – to begin treating medicinal cannabis like the medicine that it is. This differs from the current treatment, in that it involves more through testing, high quality resources, and a legitimate alliance with physicians and care-givers.

  • Producers need to hold themselves to higher standards if they want to be taken seriously within the medical community. These higher standards include using whole-plant materials, rather than bits and pieces, developing consistent dosages and levels of potency. Producers need to stop treating cannabis like a guessing game, and more like a science.

  • Physicians must not let the archaic stigma blind them from seeing the truth that science and research has revealed and continues to reveal about this miracle plant.

  • Patients must be further educated about all treatments options, including medicinal cannabis. When given a recommendation for medicinal cannabis, they should demand to receive the personalized guidance and protocol similar to what they would receive while using a pharmaceutical drug.

We believe that physicians and their patients must have access to medicinal cannabis options from trusted sources with highly pure and standardized products, rather than the crudely produced oils that largely makeup the offerings currently found in dispensaries, but lack standardization and are extracted using questionable processes.

We have already begun reshaping the industry by creating an entirely new category of science-based whole plant cannabis oils, occupying the space between synthetic pharmaceuticals and common cottage industry oils or products. This is not your neighborhood dispensary oil. Our oils are meticulously managed from soil to oil, ensuring purity, quality and consistency, batch after batch. We work in conjunction with physicians to ensure those taking our oils receive proper instruction on dosage and ongoing management, as well as the right ratio for their specific need, whether they seek relief from chronic pain or a life-threatening condition like Lyme, epilepsy or even cancer.


In order to establish this new category, we’ve taken the following critical steps:

  • Vertical integration: Constance Therapeutics is a vertically integrated company that produces whole-plant cannabis oils that have been extracted from fully trimmed, unfertilized cannabis sativa flowers of plants with known and controlled genetics. All of the raw materials are sourced from in-house or collaborative farms that ascribe to the terroir This ensures standardization of growing methodology and complete control over every batch of oil from start to finish.

  • Scientific-based extraction process: Our cannabis oil is extracted with certified-organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol via a tightly controlled, quantitatively-defined and patent-pending process that is based on scientific and engineering principles. Our high-tech, specifically designed lab includes:

    • Rotary evaporator for efficient and gentle removal of solvent, allowing temperature and pressure control for optimal terpene preservation and other quality considerations.

    • Chemical laboratory grade air filtration system used for removal of microbial contaminants and other impurities from the air.

    • State-of-the-art vacuum pumps utilized in the separation of bioactive and inert components.

    • Industry-specific vacuum ovens to optimize aesthetics.

    • Extensive testing: Each lot of our oil is third party tested by the industry’s most respected labs for cannabinoid profile (potency), residual solvents, pesticides, microbial contaminants and aflatoxins.

It is crucial that every branch of the community raises the bar to get out of this “medical marijuana” state and to help educate society as a whole on the very real medicinal potential the cannabis plant truly holds. We’re working hard to move the medicinal cannabis industry forward and hope others will follow suit.


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