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Constance Therapeutics Releases New Cartridge Extracts and Exclusive Jupiter Vapor Pen, Providing a High-Quality, User-Friendly Experience for Patients

Constance Therapeutics announces the release of new vaporizer pen to accompany cartridge extracts, adding to the brand’s unparalleled standardized medicinal cannabis products and protocols. Partnering with Jupiter, the premiere vapor pen manufacturer, Constance Therapeutics offers exclusive kits including custom-colored cartridges in five signature blends and a pen to easily administer the cannabis extracts in vapor form.

Cartridges for the pens feature Constance Therapeutics’ patent-pending whole plant cannabis extracts, featuring a viscosity-reducing agent and blend of essential oils to improve the product inhale and bioavailability of cannabinoids. Now in 5 customized formulas:*

  • Boost — THC and sativa terpene-rich and features peppermint essential oil; ignites creativity and boosts energy
  • Relax — THC and indica terpene-rich and features lemon and lavender essential oils; helps restore, relax and promote healthy sleep
  • Pure — hybrid sativa and indica blend; balances the mind and body
  • Calm — 2:1 CDB:THC ratio; promotes mental balance without causing euphoria or anxiety
  • Focus — CBD-rich formula with peppermint essential oil; enhances serotonin levels and improves function, alertness and mental focus

*Research indicates that these formulations may have the above beneficial qualities

The Constance Therapeutics Jupiter vapor pen is user-friendly and made from CNC’d nonagon magnesium alloy, which allows for a sleek and discreet, yet elegant design that travels well.

2-2-2-2 CT Vapor Pen

Instead of a typical LED light for communication, the vaporizer pen uses sophisticated breath activation for precise on-demand vapor. The pen gently vibrates to notify users when the pull (dose) is done.

“We’ve not only developed the best standardized medicinal cannabis extracts, but we have also found the perfect tool to administer patient protocols,” states Constance Therapeutics founder Constance Finley. “Our partnership with premiere vapor pen manufacturer Jupiter allows us to continue working toward creating the best possible high-end, comfortable and easy experience for patients.

“We are dedicated to producing true medicinal products and these pens add even more cannabinoids to the body without the additional psychoactive side effects,” adds Finley. “The essential oils added to our cartridges are traditionally associated with therapeutic benefits that can include a decrease in pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression and grogginess.”

To use, simply insert a Constance Therapeutics cartridge into the pen body, which snaps secure with magnetic connection. Draw on mouthpiece to activate vaping. An active haptic pulse will indicate that the pen is working. A USB plug is included with the pen for recharging. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the pen weekly for optimal results and longevity.

For nearly a decade, the company has been leading the medicinal market in standardized, evidence-based practices. Constance Therapeutics’ standardized extracts use only fully trimmed, female, unfertilized cannabis flowers, allowing for the highest concentration of compounds and terpenes. Plants are sustainably grown in Northern California, and extracts are derived using certified organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol. Combined with systematic third-party testing, Constance Therapeutic ensures the highest quality and consistency.

Constance Therapeutics’ cannabis extracts and vapor pen kits are available exclusively for therapeutic use and can only be obtained by registered California patients. New distribution includes third party retailers such as Octavia Wellness, offering cannabis treatments for seniors.  For more information, visit our Products page.


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