Constance Pure Botanical Extracts, along with other businesses and services in the cannabis industry, will sponsor and attend the Medicinal Cannabis Conference in Arcata, CA on April 25 & 26, 2015.

The conference is being hosted by Dandelion Herbal Center of Arcata, which offers classes and field trips for those interested in learning about the medicinal properties of herbs.

Here is a description of the conference, as described on DHC’s website:

This conference will present growing details, clinical pearls and the research on Cannabis. Presenters are international, national and local experts that will utilize substantiated research and experience to advance your knowledge base on Cannabis to the next level. It is important that consumers, growers, and our medical providers can make more educated and effective decisions concerning the medicinal applications of cannabis.

Among the presenters is Jonathan Treasure, a member of our research team and considered by many to be the number one master herbalist in the world. His clinical consultancy combines botanicals with cutting-edge oncology to formulate personalized integrative cancer treatment strategies for patients in North America and internationally. Jonathan will be speaking on two topics: “Occupy Cannabis: Lessons from Phytotherapy” and “Cannabis and Cancer: From Bench to Bedside”

Another respected figure in the field of cannabis therapeutics is colleague and friend Martin Lee of Project CBD, an educational service that focuses on cannabis science and therapeutics. Martin will be offering sessions on “Cannabis Therapeutics and Holistic Healing” and “The Science and Politics of CBD.”

Other presenters include herbalists, researchers, scientists, and business people as well as doctors and healthcare professionals.

Topics include “Cannabis Use in Cancer Treatment,” “Experiences with Cannabis and Pediatric Epilepsy,” “Applications for Cannabis in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease,” “Cannabis Preparations,” “Growing Organic Healing Medicine,” and many others.

Please visit the conference page to register for this mind-expanding conference.

To learn more about the medicinal properties of cannabis, including its effect on the endocannabinoid system and as a potential adjunct therapy in the fight against cancer, please check out our knowledge center and the CPBE blog.


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