A Radio Chat With Constance Finley: Conversations On The State Of Medical Cannabis In America


Jean Swan, a health practitioner and founding partner of Integrated Health International, recently tackled the controversial topic of medical marijuana on her SpotLight Radio talk show.

To help peel apart such a multi-layered and complex issue, Jean invited Constance Finley, creator and founder of Constance Pure Botanical Extracts, on the show to talk about her perspective on the medical cannabis industry at large.

Constance opened by sharing her story and personal experience with conventional medicine in the early days, before finding cannabis.

“The very expensive Western meds that were cutting edge that we hoped would suppress the disease, suppressed my life,” she says. “I was unable to drive or lift a pot or open doors without fear of crippling pain.”

After more than a decade, she was finally correctly diagnosed with a severe case of ankylosing spondylitis—an autoimmune disease—and her doctor prescribed drug treatment after drug treatment, none of which relieved the pain. In fact, the side effects from one drug nearly killed her.

As she gradually opened up to the idea of cannabis, she began seeing incremental improvements in her pain. Little by little, Constance was able to once again enjoy life and resume her active lifestyle. In 2008, she founded the collective.

However, as Constance says during the interview, her path to becoming a leader and advocate for the medical cannabis industry wasn’t easy.

First, there was the risk of discovery. But despite her growing unease over the legal status of cannabis and the constant awareness that the authorities could show up on her doorstep at any time, Constance continued researching the effects of cannabis as an essential oil.

When asked why she pursued her passion in light of this threat, Constance answers simply: “I found my curiosity greater than my fear.”

More difficult to overcome for Constance though, was her own personal prejudice and the close-mindedness of people around her.


Although the stigma of marijuana is gradually falling by the wayside as the plant is more commonly used in natural therapeutics, the reputation of cannabis continues to pervade the American psyche—a condition Constance refers to as euphoraphobia, or fear of euphoria.

Speaking from personal experience, Constance says: “We often would rather choose death than choose opening of consciousness in a way that has been described as illegal and bad for us.”

Ultimately, she turned to cannabis despite her initial prejudice against it—and good thing she did. Because of her passion for increasing awareness and promoting research on the therapeutic properties of pure cannabis oil, Constance has been able to help change the lives of thousands of families and individuals who suffer from wide range of illnesses, from epilepsy to insomnia to cancer.

For Constance, seeing the results of her products is what keeps her going.

She tells SpotLight radio:

“One of the reasons I was able to work with some of those first cancer patients is because nobody was really interested in using cannabis, they were interested in living.”

Listen to the full interview (below) to hear about the effects of cannabis on cancer patients, stories of success, the effects of THC and CBD, the difference between hemp and cannabis oil, recent legislative changes, as well as what you can do to support the medical cannabis movement.


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