Reintroducing Constance Therapeutics

Reintroducing Constance Therapeutics

Welcome back to our renewed website and digital home. We made it, and we’re happy to see you.

Tonight I watched the movie The Taste of Things, a movie almost without conversation. Classically trained cooks prepare a meal to entertain guests and then for each other in their French countryside home. 

I have been thinking for a few weeks about what it is I want to say to you as we face outward again at Constance Therapeutics, after the pandemic and its aftermath. The film prompted me to put on paper my thoughts to you: our loyal and distinguished guests, partners in discovery and practical implementation in the use of cannabinoids.

We make cannabis extracts, the common ingredient in all our products, the same way I cook. I was born on a farm in Madera County, California, homesteaded by my paternal grandfather, Lester Finley. He proudly grew corn for Frito Lay, and alfalfa and maize to feed his own large herd of dairy cows, and cotton; He was a founding member of Danish Creamery, part of the Challenge Butter brand now. He was sustained by the Roosevelt efforts, WPA and a helping hand to those who worked too hard already, arriving in California after four years living in tents, all the way from Oklahoma Cherokee reservations to land given for the taking in the west. My grandpa led his younger siblings, gathered up an adolescent wife Cora Lee from the Ozarks on the way, and landed in the San Joaquin Valley finally on some land he could hold and nurture.

At five, growing up in his wake, I began to bake, and at 10 the salads for dinner were my responsibility. I churned butter from milking the cow our mother insisted on keeping separately, and at 10 developed repetitive stress first indications in my wrists, pre-rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis which would later lead to the founding of Constance Therapeutics. My mother expressed her displeasure when I recoiled from killing our chickens before spreading a feast, so she held me to the side dishes and desserts, claiming pleasure for the family of male greed descending on my cake batter. She didn’t take kindly to competition or to independence, expecting competency as a requirement to exist, but all to be done in her name for the garnering of favor where she pleased. My mother knew a lot about status in a world of two families blending as all families do, well or not, if children are a result of the union.  

Like other tyrants with small fiefs, she required loyalty and I failed, as a truth sayer. My brother was a pleaser of massive skill and I grew irrelevant and happy to be dismissed, except at meal time. Despite my intense academic bent, cooking called me daily and still does. It, like my long walks with my dogs, is the place where I exist in the present, where I do what I do for its own sake and not only for the goal of doing it.

So, tonight watching The Taste of Things, I understand again what I do and why I value it so much. Making products for you is the way for me to be the most alive I can be; Just as is cooking a complex dinner from a specific gastronomic history, guided by that tradition but spontaneously inspired to surprise and create anew is my gift of self to those I love. I don’t just do it for the end result: the products or the meal, but to participate deeply in the best thread of human culture possible. To creatively offer to meet a temporal need, do it to the highest definitive standard with all the integrity and pleasure possible is my discipline and joy. This is why my team and I do what we do at Constance Therapeutics, to offer you the best cannabis can give; And to allow us to do it for you, out of the pleasure of serving what we respect in you, in us and in the world.

Please use our cannabis to its highest purpose. Reach out if you need help.


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