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The Constance Therapeutics Difference

What is the difference between Constance Therapeutics cannabis extracts and other cannabis oils on the market?

Constance Therapeutics produces whole plant cannabis extracts as part of a decades long quest to define the best in cannabinoid extracts and products. We are obsessed with restlessly innovating to bring you the highest quality possible medicinal cannabis and now the organic hemp that comes from our same carefully chosen genetics stabilized to CBD Rich federally legal chemovars. This is the Constance Therapeutics difference: a long term continuity of concern for our customers.

We are Pioneers in Medicinal Cannabis

Whole Plant Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Constance Therapeutics’ products are based on modern herbalist principles of synergy between plant compounds. This is known as “The Entourage Effect” theory, which postulates and gathers data on the relative efficacy of the whole flower hemp or cannabis extracts as more effective than isolated compounds for certain uses.

Generative, Terroir-Driven Farming

Our whole flower extracts are obtained only from raw materials with known and controlled genetics that have been grown by us or by partner farmers who share our values, commitment, and practices. We ascribe to the terroir philosophy. Constance Therapeutics continuously verifies that all cultivation adheres completely to our “soil is oil” guidance, resulting in approved growing methodology mandated by the company in all our cultivation efforts.

Tightly Controlled, Patented Process

Constance Therapeutics tightly controlled, quantitatively-defined and patent pending extraction method, which only uses pharmaceutical grade, certified-organic ethanol, is based on botanical and engineering principles developed over thousands of years of human culture. We eschew CO2 extraction, the common element in the industry, as misplaced confidence of incorrectly described processes that are unnecessary. CO2 uses more ethanol to complete extraction than does our singular and unique ethanol process. We say no to hydrocarbons, light or heavy, in our extractions and your products.

Standard Operating Procedures and Laboratory Features

It may not seem like much to say we benefit from ISO 9000 and cGMP practices typically found in the pharma industry, but Constance Therapeutics was the first to implement these practices in the US and California. We adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), as well as modern herbalist principles and continually look for ways to improve.

Laboratory Testing - doesn't everybody now?

Constance Therapeutics is dedicated to producing consistent extracts of the highest quality. Each lot of extracts is third party tested and cross-tested at the industry’s most respected laboratories. We test for cannabinoid profile (potency), pesticides, residual solvents, microbial contamination, and aflatoxins. We run in-process analytics not commonly utilized in our industry that are not required but help us, with our unique standardization software, to deliver a more consistent product than any other full or broad spectrum extracts and products.

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Get in touch and find the
right product for you.

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